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Feng Shui On Bad Luck For House At Knife Cul-de-sac

Bad Luck For House At Knife Cul-de-sac: Dear Cecil and Robert:Just to update you with an example of a very Bad Luck house that sits at the Blade of the Knife Cul-de-sac. My brother house is at the top of the cul-de-sac, but it was built sla... - 01 Sep 2014 (Mon)

Feng Shui On Location Or Direction (question)

Location Or Direction (question): My husband is gua 2 our main door will be facing NE 35. Our GARAGE is in the East location facing SE, DINING in the East location facing SW/NE, KITCHEN with Island in SE location facing NW, is this ok... - 31 Aug 2014 (Sun)

Feng Shui On House Inside L - Shaped Road

House Inside L - Shaped Road: Hi,I have a choice to select a North facing House plot in a gated community as per the attached Site Lay out.One of the house plots is inside an inverted L Shaped road that has curve at the intersecti... - 29 Aug 2014 (Fri)

Feng Shui On An Electric Tram In 1920's In Singapore

An Electric Tram In 1920's In Singapore: An electric tramp in the 1920's, Singapore.Just imagine, how I wish, I was on the above tram, in a slow pace life... back then...... - 28 Aug 2014 (Thu)

Feng Shui On 1920's Opium Smoking In Singapore

1920's Opium Smoking In Singapore: An opium smoker in Singapore in the 1920's... - 27 Aug 2014 (Wed)

Feng Shui On Chinese Hawker In The 1930's

Chinese Hawker In The 1930's: A hawker selling bamboo wares & brooms.... - 27 Aug 2014 (Wed)

Feng Shui On HDB 'point-block Variant'

HDB 'point-block Variant' : This is the 2014's HDB variant version of the Point-block. But with the additional of two attached stacks: #97 and #99.... - 27 Aug 2014 (Wed)

Feng Shui On Planting Cactus And Common Sense

Planting Cactus And Common Sense: Always ask yourself, first.Has this to do with pure common sense? Rather than rubber-stamp it as pure Feng Shui?As this is a bungalow house and it's own compound.Some owners decide to plant a prickly ... - 26 Aug 2014 (Tue)

Feng Shui On Feng Shui For Work

Feng Shui For Work: I would like to know if I should change the placement of my desk for my work area or put in anything to improve it. A friend mentioned that the area is a triangle, which is not good.... - 20 Aug 2014 (Wed)

Feng Shui On Canal Curves Away From A Development

Canal Curves Away From A Development: Photo taken from a HDB block showing the canal curving away from the block.Under the water classics; this is a good thing...... - 20 Aug 2014 (Wed)

Feng Shui On Riveredge @ Tanjong Rhu

Riveredge @ Tanjong Rhu: Hollow areas....Traditionalist Shapes and Forms Feng Shui don't really like this kind of hollow feeling........ - 20 Aug 2014 (Wed)

Feng Shui On Understanding The Feng Shui Ruler

Understanding The Feng Shui Ruler: 1. Please refer to the attachment.2. The first line in the Feng Shui ruler refers to (in blue - see attachment) Yang measurements. Thus, one can use this for such things as the height of a kitchen cab... - 20 Aug 2014 (Wed)

Feng Shui On If It Is A Mistake, Never Mind... Move-on

If It Is A Mistake, Never Mind... Move-on: Sometimes we have to be sensitive with such issues...clue: who is older?... - 20 Aug 2014 (Wed)

Feng Shui On Question About Position Of Home Office Desk

Question About Position Of Home Office Desk: Hello Experts,I would like to know where i should put my Desk as i'm starting an home office business my Kua nb. is 8 and my direction is SWSo I'm a West group my Success is SW and the rest is NW, W a... - 16 Aug 2014 (Sat)

Feng Shui On Sleeping Position - Head Or Feet

Sleeping Position - Head Or Feet: HiI was told that we should sleep with our head on the opposite direction of our 'good' fengshui position as when we get up, that will make us face the 'good' position (ie our feet will be pointing at... - 15 Aug 2014 (Fri)

Feng Shui On Fengshui Of This Unit

Fengshui Of This Unit: Dear Master Cecil Lee, I have some enquiries on my new flat whichme and my husbandwill be collecting keys within this month. My floor plan as attached for your reference.1. We are Catholic by religion... - 14 Aug 2014 (Thu)

Feng Shui On Is 2014 Bad For Weak Earth Person?

Is 2014 Bad For Weak Earth Person?: I have a question. Is 2014 wooden horse bad for me? I am a weak earth person. My bazi is strong water person. my bazi profile is wood rabbit hour 6.30 am....water snake day september 17..... wooden ro... - 11 Aug 2014 (Mon)

Feng Shui On Riverparc Residence @ Punggol Just TOP...

Riverparc Residence @ Punggol Just TOP...: Riverparc Residence @ Punggol Just TOP during Chinese 7th month....As usual, there is not much activity i.e. handing over keys as most Chinese stay clear of it....... - 07 Aug 2014 (Thu)

Feng Shui On Take A Look At This Sign. What Do You Think?

Take A Look At This Sign. What Do You Think?: There is a first time for everything.And there are all sorts of tables. This table unfortunately says that someone has perhaps taken a leg or too of it?Is this the reason why, they place a warning sig... - 07 Aug 2014 (Thu)

Feng Shui On Replica Hong Kong Style Rickshaw

Replica Hong Kong Style Rickshaw : A very colourful and bright red rickshaw widely used in Hong Kong in the 1960's thereabouts.Notice that this rickshaw may not fit the larger sized Chinese of today - the hamburger kid... - 29 Jul 2014 (Tue)

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